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Protect your spirit and find high strength with VOID.


The sculptured ring comes along with an opal stone. Its chosen to give you spiritual connection with the weirdness of the divine.




Technical Information

Material: PVB

Stone: Opal

Biodegradable: 2-5 years of decomposition depending on the context

How to treat it

Keep in mind, this is a handmade process, crafting each sculpture with great attention to detail. You may find imperfections due to this craft process.

Note to take care of the ring, see it as what it is: jewelry. It's meant to last and be durable, but avoid testing its limits. Don’t put any products on it, especially alcohol. Long exposure to very hot weather can deteriorate it.

To clean it, use water and a very soft sponge or towel. Don’t scratch it or use any type of product.

Shipping Info

The order is typically prepared within 24-48 hours. Delivery to Europe generally takes 4-7 business days. For destinations outside of Europe, delivery times can range up to 14 days, depending greatly on the specific destination.

Please note that during festive periods, delivery times may be longer than usual.

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